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Sperry Tent’s LOVE for SCOTLAND!


As Scotland’s Luxury Tent provider, the Fabler team have had the pleasure of working in some of the most fabulous locations, seeing our Sperry Tents against the backdrop of awe-inspiring Castles, romantic Loch’s and nestled in the most majestic glens.
We’re celebrating the presence of Sperry’s in Scotland by profiling some of Fabler’s most loved Scottish venues.

Scotland’s Luxury Tent Provider


Loch Lomond Golf Club, Scotland, Sperry Tent

Loch Lomond Golf Club
This review wouldn’t be complete without including Loch Lomond Golf Club in the edit. We fell in love with Loch Lomond following a beautiful Sperry wedding Fabler created in 2018. The unparalleled tranquillity, unique spirit and global reputation of Loch Lomond Golf Club make this an exclusive one-of-a-kind venue and we can’t help but think our Sperry Tents look at home against this breath-taking backdrop!

For more information contact Loch Lomond Golf Club on 01436 655 555 or


Strathtyrum Walled Garden

Strathtyrum Walled Garden is a beautiful venue and when it comes to outdoor wedding celebrations in a Sperry Tent, this picture-perfect venue has it all. With three acres of restored traditional gardens and orchards all enclosed within the original Victorian wall, this huge space is entirely private and the ideal location in which you can make your own for the day.

For more information contact Strathtyrum Walled Garden on 01334 473 600


Yester Estate

Exclusively for weddings and events, the Georgian Walled Gardens at Yester Estate is the most idyllic setting for your special occasion. With space in abundance, you have the choice of four immaculate grass lawns with central golden paths, providing ample space and choice to set the scene for your day.

Fabler are back here this July setting up a 14m x 26m Sperry Tent for a lovely couple’s intimate wedding, we can’t wait to see the gorgeous images of our Sperry Tent in such a beautiful location!

For all events enquiries, contact Yester Estate on 01620 674720 or email

The Gleneagles Hotel

Fabler are so lucky to have such an exclusive venue on their doorstep and less than half an hour away from their base, The Gleneagles Hotel is a luxury five star hotel like no other. Perfectly manicured grounds boasting luxury accommodation make it the perfect place to gather the family and celebrate your special day in style in glorious Scottish surroundings. We’ve spotted Fabler’s Tipis on the Estate’s Loch Laich and we can’t wait to see our Sperry Tents sitting beautifully there next summer.

For more information contact The Gleneagles Hotel on 01764 662231

Skibo Castle
In a secluded corner of the Northern Highlands lies private member’s club, Skibo Castle, Scotland’s best kept secret. The castle, the gardens and the setting at Skibo embody the Scottish heritage and create the perfect backdrop for our Sperry Tents. Industrialist Andrew Carnegie, one of history’s greatest philanthropists, came to Skibo in 1898 and transformed the estate into what he rightly termed ‘Heaven on Earth’.

With its impressive vistas and imposing silhouette, this beautiful structural masterpiece is a quintessentially Scottish venue that perfectly complements ‘The World’s Luxury Tent’. Fabler are currently planning an incredible wedding here for summer 2022 and we are thrilled that our Sperry Tents will taking centre stage in Skibo’s grounds.

For more information about The Carnegie Club membership contact 01862 894 600

Hopefully this edit of some of Fabler’s favourite Scottish venues proves useful in your search for the perfect party space. Fabler work with several venues and are always so pleased to be working with others. If you are thinking of having a Sperry wedding and getting married at a venue or know of somewhere you’d like to, do let the Fabler team know and they’d be more than happy to help. If you’d like more information, please contact Fabler Events on 01738 718370 or email

We’d love to talk Sperry’s!

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