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Planning a Sperry Wedding in Scotland

In this blog post, we’re exploring the important things to think about when planning a wedding in Scotland. Or, more specifically planning a Sperry Wedding in Scotland, and what not to lose sleep over.

First things first, finding your perfect wedding planner match. The person who is going to guide you through your planning process and on to Sperry Wedding success, meet Chenai.

By Chenai Events, Planning Weddings like Barbara & Steven's Scottish Sperry Tent Wedding
By Chenai Events, Planning Weddings like Barbara & Steven’s Scottish Sperry Tent Wedding

It will come as no surprise, that when planning a wedding there is a lot to think about. Add to that the complexities of planning during a global pandemic and top with an idyllic island location and it’s fair to say you’re faced with more than your average amount of conundrums. But, with the support of Fabler Events, Chenai, rose to the challenge to create this sensational Sperry wedding in Scotland for Barbara and Steven.

Barbara & Steven's idyllic outdoor ceremony space by Beccy Goddard Photography
Barbara & Steven’s idyllic outdoor ceremony space by Beccy Goddard Photography

About By Chenai Events

Combining her love of hosting (Chenai comes from a family who loves to celebrate) and utilising organisational and people skills gained whilst working in the corporate space, a pivot into the wedding and events industry seemed a natural choice. From there, Chenai established her own event planning business ‘By Chenai Events’ over 4 years ago.

Based in London, Chenai covers the UK and destination weddings, with a portfolio made up of exquisitely beautiful weddings, many of which are weekend weddings. The Wedding Weekend is something that Chenai personally champions. She loves their ability to allow family and friends to spend more time together, especially when guests are flying from overseas and in an era when time together is something of a commodity.

It also seems, that when it comes to the Wedding Weekend, Chenai is a force to be reckoned with. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at the beautiful images from Barbara and Steven’s recent Scottish Sperry Tent Wedding with Fabler Events, beautifully captured by Beccy Goddard.

Planning a Sperry Wedding in Scotland, Barbara & Steven inside the beautiful Islay House by Beccy Goddard Photography
Planning a Sperry Wedding in Scotland, Barbara & Steven inside the beautiful Islay House by Beccy Goddard Photography

The Logistics of Planning a Sperry Wedding in Scotland

Whilst perfectly polished, this wedding wasn’t without its challenges and logistical hurdles. Mainly, for its idyllic venue, Islay House, which is positioned on the eponymous Scottish island of Islay. Set against the backdrop of the Inner Hebrides on the North Coast of Scotland, whilst picturesque, the beautiful location comes with its climatic challenges (poor visibility, means that on occasion, flights to and from the island can be grounded). And all that, before we even begin to consider the impacts of Covid and what hosting a wedding on what has become known as ‘Freedom Weekend’ (July 19th 2021) means – something which Chenai herself describes as ‘logistically complex’.

However, working closely with Polly from Fabler Events and with Chenai at the helm, despite 12 reiterations of the floor plan, 3 Sperry Tent size changes (to allow for the changing guest numbers in line with the Government’s Covid guidelines) and the final, but very welcome addition of a dancefloor, it’s fair to say that the Wedding was a resounding success, as is evident from the images.

Planning a Sperry Wedding in Scotland, Barbara & Steven's idyllic Sperry Tent by Beccy Goddard Photography
Planning a Sperry Wedding in Scotland, Barbara & Steven’s idyllic Sperry Tent by Beccy Goddard Photography

Chenai’s experience of planning a Sperry wedding in Scotland  

Is this the first Sperry Wedding you have done?

No, Events by Chenai have planned and designed 3 Sperry Tent Weddings, this is the first with Fabler Event and in Scotland.

What do you like about planning a Sperry Wedding?

A Sperry Wedding or any outdoor wedding for that matter is not as complex as people think. As long as you have an experienced supplier partner like Fabler Events to rely on, with the technical expertise to advise when it comes to bridging the gap between design and experience from a guest’s perspective, then the possibilities of outdoor weddings are limitless.

And with a Sperry Tent, you’re essentially creating your very own venue from a beautiful light and airy blank canvas which, when lit up at night, the effect is sensational.

3 words to describe a Sperry Tent?

Beautiful, Versatile and Summery – Whilst suitable for Winter weddings, the light airiness of a Sperry Tent evokes the feeling of Summer and Sunshine for me.

Is there anything you would do differently? Pearls of wisdom/learnings

Having Fabler there to help meant that there were no major issues and any logistical challenges were dealt with quickly and efficiently. I would also highly recommend having a man on site. Especially for larger weddings as there’s a point of contact to discreetly handle any lighting or generator related issues, should they occur.

Have you worked with Fabler Events before – what was it like working with Fabler?

This is my first time working with Fabler Events, but I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again, or to recommend them to others. I loved working with Polly in the lead up to Barbara and Steven’s Sperry Wedding and the Fabler Crew were equally helpful and accommodating during the set-up and takedown. As well as the man on-site, who ensured the smooth running of amenities for the entire weekend.

Wedding design Scottish Sperry Tent Style, planning By Chenai Events, floral design by Myrtle & Bracken and Sperry Tent by Fabler Events.
Wedding design Scottish Sperry Tent Style, planning By Chenai Events, floral design by Myrtle & Bracken and Sperry Tent by Fabler Events.

Sperry Tent Style & Design

How do I choose a colour and design scheme for my Sperry wedding? I want something unique that will stand out to my guests.

Don’t limit yourself, you can do anything in a Sperry Tent. The beauty of the blank canvas is that you can make it your own and create your own space to celebrate.

And, because of the light, oyster-coloured canvas, you can do anything inside. From a classic country, feel to a brighter colour palette, offset by contemporary furnishings such as ghost chairs.

What are the most effective and impactful design details and floral installations in a Sperry Tent?

For Barbara and Steven’s Scottish Sperry Wedding, we used one giant floral hoop. This created a central focal point and drew the guests’ eyes up – allowing them to appreciate the cathedrallike space within the Sperry Tent. Designed by florists Myrtle and Bracken, the hoop was dressed with textured foliage to create impact and give emphasis to the focal feature.

If you’d rather focus your attention on the table florals, then I would advise making the most of the height and space inside the Sperry Tent and opt for taller flowers. Or, incorporate candelabras into the design scheme to help lift the guests gaze and allow them to enjoy the Sperry’s geometric design details.

Lighting is also imperative. For the interior lights, we opted for festoon draping which helped to illuminate the tent at night and leant an ethereal glow to the canvas. As well as a festoon lit terrace which formed a beautiful break out space for guests to enjoy the star-lit sky, all the time keeping warm by the outdoor fires.

Tables, round tables or long tables? What are you seeing more of and what do you prefer? 

On this occasion, we chose long banquet-style dining. Long tables are perfect for making the most of the space inside any outdoor structure, or indeed wedding venue. It also allows for an abundance of photographic opportunities whilst the guests are seated during the wedding breakfast and speeches.

Alternatively, I am an advocate for a mix of both round and long tables. This allows for the best of both worlds and works well for a more traditional style wedding reception.

Post-Covid Wedding & Event Planning

It’s early days, but what are the biggest post Covid planning changes you have seen?

I don’t think micro weddings are here to stay. Whilst some will always prefer a more intimate gathering, many opted for micro weddings out of necessity and to navigate wedding planning during the pandemic. Instead, I’m seeing a shift to bigger weddings. Couples have had time to save and after 18 months of being starved of celebrations, it seems now is the time to party!

Have you seen any emerging trends and what would you like to see more of?

I would like to see the continued trend for customising weddings. Making a wedding your own, and true to a couple’s style and who they are as individuals – there is no greater compliment than when a guest says ‘that’s so Barbara and Steven’ (for example). This means I’ve done my job, helping a Bride and Groom navigate the wedding planning, whilst staying true to themselves with a wedding that reflects their personalities.

I’m also seeing the emergence of more Wedding Weekends. Something I wholeheartedly welcome. I love nothing more than seeing families and friends come together from Friday to Sunday. It allows for a more relaxed affair and alleviates the inevitable time pressures of a shorter celebration.

I would also love to see more colours. Often people are restrained when it comes to colour. There seems to be an unwritten rule that weddings should be traditional and with that, neutral. However, a more colourful palette does not mean a wedding can’t be elegant and timeless, it might just make it more unique to you.

Barbara & Steven, at their Sperry wedding venue - Islay House, Islay, Scotland by Beccy Goddard Photography
Barbara & Steven, at their Sperry wedding venue – Islay House, Islay, Scotland by Beccy Goddard Photography

Barbara & Steven’s Sperry Tent Wedding Profile:

  • Venue: Islay House
  • Location: Islay Island, Inner Hebrides, Scotland
  • Planner: By Chenai Events
  • Sperry Tent Partner: Fabler Events
  • Sperry Size: 10 x 21
  • Guests: 94
  • Furnishings: Long Tables with Cross-back Chairs, Large Floral Hoop, Round Bar, Outdoor Terrace.
  • Photographer: Beccy Goddard
  • Florist: Myrtle & Bracken

With huge thanks to By Chenai Events for being a part of this blog and sharing her experience of planning a Sperry Wedding in Scotland. And, to Barbara and Steven and Beccy Goddard for kindly sharing images from this stunning Sperry Wedding by Fabler Events.

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